Buffon posts Instagram tribute to Davide Astori

After the sudden death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori, international teammate Gianluigi Buffon took to Instagram to pay his respects to the defender.

At just 31, Astori died in his sleep at the hotel Fiorentina were staying at in Udine of a suspected heart attack, sending shockwaves throughout Italian football, and the world.

“Ciao dear Asto

“I rarely publicly express my thoughts on a person, because I always allowed the beauty and unique nature of rapports, of reciprocal respect and affection, to avoid being used or misused by those who don’t have the decency to respect certain bonds.

“In your case, I feel the need to make an exception to the rule, because you have a young wife and family who are suffering, but above all a little girl, who deserves to know that her father was in every way A GOOD PERSON… a TRULY GOOD PERSON…

“You were the best expression of an old-fashioned world, one that people have left behind, with values like altruism, elegance, politeness and respect towards others.

“Compliments genuinely, you were one of the best sporting figures I ever came up against.


“Your crazy Gigi.”

Forza Italian Football

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